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Experience the Salutogenic response.  These sample sessions ensure that you’re comfortable with the process and know that they will work.


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Here you will experience the surge of energy into your Higher Brain, beginning the process of rewiring and creating new neural pathways and encouraging new myelination in your brain through your unique ReSOULutions and Declaration which supports the new life you are building.


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With Higher Brain Living®, you’ll have the physiological change in your brain required for real growth, with a road map and daily practice to help you create real, sustainable, and lasting change in your life.

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Higher Brain Living® Facilitators are independent contractors that are trained and certified to facilitate the Higher Brain Living technique. Because they are independent contractors and not employees or agents of Higher Brain Living, LLC (“HBL”), the agreement you enter into is between yourself and the Facilitator. Facilitators perform sessions, retreats, etc wholly independent of HBL and HBL does not receive any sort of benefit, financial or otherwise, through your participation in these events.

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