Facebook Live Event, May 7th, 2020 to discuss Higher Brain Living

Do you long for fulfillment, achieving your goals and greater peace of mind? As a facilitator of the Higher Brain Living program®, Josh helps his clients to energize and awaken their higher brains, the most evolutionarily-advanced part of our minds. This gives rise to greater confidence, insight, joy, fulfillment and the ability to act positively to make one’s pursuits a reality!

Dear Friends,                              

         Josh is very excited to be  taking a leadership role in advancing the well-being of individuals, and for that matter the betterment of humankind, and he wants you to be part of it!

         He is very grateful to be certified as an Advanced Facilitator of the Higher Brain Living® program, and helping clients to be the very best they can be! As a facilitator, Josh helps his clients to awaken and energize the part of their mind that is designed to produce profound insight, peace of mind, and hence a life of greater purpose and fulfillment! Josh is a very satisfied former client and knows that the program has helped  many of his clients move mountains in attaining many of their goals and other needs, through the use of acupuncture-like points, complemented with a series of client-led practices.

       Please join Josh as he gives a presentation and exhibits at the Match My Spirit Wellness Experts Speakers’ Series in New York, NY on Friday, March 27th, an extraordinary 2 hour event for a who’s who gathering of health and wellness leaders! Look up this exciting event at  Eventbrite.com    

Thank you!

Joshua Schulman

NYC March 27, 2020 – MatchMySpirit.com (Organizer)


Come by enjoy wellness and holistic networking, and make lots of new holistic connections at this special health and wellness event in Manhattan.Enjoy educational seminars and alternative medicine free tips and grow your awareness in the natural medicine field .

Our presenters are holistic doctors, functional medicine doctors, health coaches, motivational coaches and lots health and wellness experts and businesses. Bring business cards as the events are HIGHLY interactive and you will definitely make at least 10 new connections and business leads !

For all attendees at the Match My Spirit event, be entitled to make 2 scheduled future appointments for the price of one.


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