My Story

I have had my own fair share of struggles in the past. I have dealt with anxiety, including fears of being rejected, being an outsider, difficulty with ability to read between the lines in social contexts, and mourning the death of my father at a young age. I had struggled with perfectionist tendencies which would make it more difficult to take action out of fear from the idea that what I produced was not good enough, or wasn’t up to the standards of others. I often times looked at the glass as half empty rather than half full, despite the fact that I know I have been very blessed to have had great parents raise me, a good brother, friends, and experiences and resources that many others have not had a fair shake at.  Although, in the past I was certainly not operating from a Higher Brain state. I am now!

I have worked on my “hot spot issues” with the help of counseling, bio-neurofeedback, have used meditation and breathing techniques such as qi-gong and yoga. In my personal experiences, however, these techniques have had partial long-term favorable and sustainable effects. The Higher Brain Living Program has the additional benefit of physiologically awakening the Higher Brain (more circulation and energy to this part of the brain) so that it is primed to function even more optimally in the long run. I also recognize the tremendous importance of nutrition as my body, and mind are my temple.

I have been in a good place physically and emotionally for a number of years. However, having gone personally through the 22-step Higher Brain Living program, I see the immense power and individually-tailored effectiveness of the program. I have been able to look at life from a more positive and enlightened perspective about my experiences and my connection to other humans. I have been significantly better able to overcome stress in my own life, with an increase in my insights, as well as thriving on using new insights to solve challenges, and seeing the opportunity for personal growth and goal achieval  through adversity, and being outside my comfort zone. I am more perceptive of my surroundings and have greater clarity on my own thought-processes and the motivations of others. I have also become more present living in the current moment, and from my eyes, I see the greater purpose of life and the interconnectedness of the human race.

I take great satisfaction out of helping others in my lines of work, because I able to see myself in many of their eyes and I know what I do provides significant help to those who seek it.

I am very grateful to be certified as an Advanced Facilitator of the Higher Brain Living Program and helping clients to be the very best they can be. I am also a physical therapist practicing for 16 years who has worked in a variety of settings. I holds a Bachelors and Doctoral Degrees from Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and Utica College in NY respectively.

I personally engage in yoga and qi-gong techniques whose effects are enhanced by personal use of the Higher Brain Living Program. My passions are going to dinner with friends/family, travelling, skiing, going to the beach, listening to an eclectic selection of music, hiking, staying up to date on publications in the medical field, nutrition and science.

Fellow facilitators- Left-Eugene Voll, 2nd from left- Joe Pippitone, Center- Lana Petrov, 2nd from right-Me, On Right- My awesome facilitator from Chicago- Dr. Steve Giron.

My Philosophy

Being in the health care field as a physical therapist for years, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to help so many people and connect with them on an individual level. This, I see as a very great priviledge and it is very fulfilling to work with others.

In this societal age, life is so complicated and many people are stressed and hurting in some part of their life. Many are seeking out greater happiness, direction, connection and fulfillment in their lives. Taken in this context, it is an even more profound way for me to serve individuals and collective mankind in my role as a certified Advanced Facilitator of the Higher Brain Living Program® because I’m helping clients find greater fulfillment in their lives, achieve their goals, become more ever-present and happy. As an Advanced facilitator, I help my clients to physiologically awaken their Higher Brains, the most evolutionarily advanced part of the human brain. This part of the brain thrives on challenges to attain what is most fulfilling to the client. Herein lies the link to confidence, insight, joy and the ability to act decisively to make one’s long sought-after goals a reality!

I help to achieve this enhanced physiology through a system of light-touch to the body’s array of connective tissue. Once the client is in this empowered brain state, I work with the client and his/her Guidebook, to help the person fully address dimensions of their lives that they struggle with. The key to this work is in the use of Resolutions (visualizations of their life’s goals realized, and an actionable sequence of steps to achieve that) and later on, the introduction of a Declaration that resonates with the client’s soul purpose. The Higher Brain Living System®, with my guidance, puts this whole process in motion, so that a person can transcend beyond walking the same safe, easy path, with the same mediocre end-result, and take steps to excel in their lives.


The Awaken Fair

Tarrytown, NY

Double Tree Hotel
455 So. Broadway - Rte 9
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Hosted by:
The Awaken Wellness Fairs


Sunday, April 28th, 2019

10:00 am - 5:00 pm