What is the Higher Brain Living® Program?

The program is a 22-step process that helps to unlock energy flow to this most evolutionary advanced part of our brain. Energy is unlocked via light-touch to contact points on the body.  Higher Brain Living® Facilitators (Standard, Advanced, Mastery Levels) are certified to practice the Higher Brain Living® Program. Clients will progressively learn techniques to independently activate their higher brains.

How Does It Work?

The HBL Program works in part by unblocking energy and circulatory pathways in the body. This results in:

• Physiologically (metabolically) active higher brain.

• When higher brain gets upper hand on the lower, clients have greater potential to experience:
-A life with greater sense of purpose.
-Connection to humanity.
-Insight to help solve problems.

• Facilitator opens client’s energy/circulatory pathways by light-touch in specific areas with a specific sequence, and vectors.

• Salutogenic response is the greatest indicator that body pathways are opening and energy/blood flow are flowing to higher brain.

• This response is a spontaneous breath, associated with release of tension and subsequently greater metabolism in the higher brain which leads to profound positive life changes.

• Saludogenic response becomes a positive feedback loop, with elevating levels of energy to the higher brain and decreased connective tissue tension.

• During and over subsequent sessions, and with home practice, higher brain becomes more energized leading to:
-client increase in feelings of self-empowerment, ability to see their life path, purpose and goals more clearly, and to find life’s   fulfillment and meet those goals.

• With Guidebook and Facilitator guidance, client develops their Resoulutions which are:
-Mind’s eye images of how they want aspects of their lives to be (4 dimensions).
-Actionable steps to achieve those goals.

Watch This Mind-Blowing Demonstration With Dr. Michael Cotton, Founder Of Higher Brain Living®

Josh’s Facebook interview with Monica Maria Aparicio, founder and organizer of Sustainable Success.


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Phenomenal changes in the brain at exactly the right times with a transition from one state to the other in the prefrontal cortex. I am amazed... I am blown away! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t done the study myself!

Penny Montgomery, Ph.D, Neuropsychologist & Brain Researcher  & Author for 40 Years


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