Think of the BEST Day of Your Life…


Think of An IDEAL Day…

They are experienced by everyone at different events, times and places, but they have one thing in common.

You were operating in your higher brain.

What are the most common experiences people have on the best day of their lives?

A Sense of Fulfillment




Deep Human Connection

All of these feelings/thoughts emanate from the higher brain (of which the prefrontal cortex is a part), the most evolutionary advanced part of the human brain. Experiencing many of these aspects on such a wonderful day are fleeting and rarely reproducible.

When the higher brain is dominant (physiologically active) there is a much greater opportunity for:

Sustainable Growth

Problem Solving Capacity

Greater Sense of Well Being

What makes the Higher Brain Living Program so profoundly effective is its ability to physiologically awaken the Higher Brain; to help the client become self-empowered to achieve great things and to be present. The “best days” come from this place!

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A one-of-a-kind Technique that frees our fear based lower brains through a surge of energy from the primal, lower fear-based brain to the prefrontal cortex, or ‘Higher Brain’, Higher Brain Living® offers clients the chance to create an extraordinary new life, to thrive, to let go of stress and overwhelm, to experience joy, confidence, passion and to grow and evolve every day.


Meet Dr. Joshua Schulman DPT

I am very grateful to be certified as a Standard Facilitator of the Higher Brain Living Program® and helping clients to be the very best they can be. I have a doctorate in Physical Therapy and I’ve been practicing for over 16 years. I hold Bachelor and Doctoral Degrees from Fontys Hogescholen Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and Utica College in NY respectively.

As a facilitator, I help my clients to physiologically awaken their Higher Brains, the most evolutionarily advanced part of the human brain. This part of the brain gives rise to confidence, joy, fulfillment, insight, and ability to act positively to make one’s life pursuits a reality.

Dr. Josh Schulman at Awaken Fair November 2018

What Some Of Our Clients Are Experiencing

Decreased Tension In The Body

More Spontaneous, Effortless Breathing

Ability to Clearly Identify One's Deep-Seated Goals and Achieval of More of Them

Greater Sense of Well Being

Greater Sense of Self Empowerment

Feelings of Greater Sense of Purpose

Maintain Sustainable Growth in All of These Areas

Feeling More Fulfilled In Life

Greater Capacity For Connection to Humanity and Empathy

Vastly improved ability to solve problems by acting and less reacting.


I started doing Higher Brain Living December of 2016. After doing 20 sessions, I am more vibrant, alive and have more freedom than I have ever felt in my life. Having been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Disorder years ago, I found that the Higher Brain Living Sessions helped me to release so much stress that I carried in my body for years. With that stress released out of my body, it's as though I am a completely new person. I still have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but I have transformed it into something that actually empowers me, instead of something that hinders me. As a Social Justice Activist, I have learned how to take my Anger and Churn it into Passion and use that Passion to stand up for what I believe in. This has assisted me in standing up and standing out at Rallies and Protests. Last year, I participated in nearly 20 protests, marches, vigils or rallies. Pictures of me from at least a dozen of these events went on to make online publications or news articles, including Teen Vogue! At a rally for Colin Kaepernick outside of the NFL Headquarters in NYC, I was even interviewed by ESPN, and it aired Nationally!

Pepper K.

I'm a believer in Higher Brain Living®. Being a conservative CPA, I was skeptical at first when I was told by other clients that their life had changed I had to try it for myself. Being a cancer survivor – six years in remission – and a Finance Director of for a major city, my life was full of stress. I, for the first time since before the cancer, overcame a cold three weeks ago without doctor's assistance! I look forward to each week I come back.

Ben, 39, Finance Director for a leading US city.

This is nothing short of a miracle!!! I feel happier, calmer, more present. I see the potential to be the best version of myself, because of the many benefits I have noticed already. First one being: I think more clearly! I have been plagued all my life with something like ADD, meaning it's hard for me to get organized and stay focused. Well, at tax three weeks ago, after one session of Higher Brain Living, I was organized, everything in a neat box, my desk clear, and everything ready to go to the accountant.

Lisa Desilva

I've had an AWAKENING! I always struggled with high stress, but with Higher Brain Living, I INSTANTLY felt stress free. And the best part was that I learned how to maintain this feeling on my own. Being able to identify the hot spots in my life and blast through them with confidence and a positive attitude has allowed me to experience what I believe is the key to life...HAPPINESS. This work is truly a blessing!

Shannon Carney, Fitness Studio Owner

I had struggled with negativity bringing me down in all aspects of life. Since HBL, my blood pressure has fallen from borderline high to the low end of normal without making any dietary changes. HBL has led me to make peace with my negative-inducing triggers, leading to amazing positive things happening in my life.

Cary Krostka, 41, System Administrator, Milwaukee, WI


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